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The links below take you to a collation of information on good practices regarding English punctuation and grammar.  


I've enjoyed researching areas that cause difficulty, with the aim of providing a simple and easy to understand explanation. As a result I have found lots of interesting websites and books with helpful information. I have included a section with a list of relevant books and websites.


My own master references for British English are the New Hart's Rules for grammar and style, and The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) for spelling and definitions. For American English, I follow The Chicago Manual of Style and Websters-Merriam Dictionary.


As a translator, proofreader, and EFL teacher it is very important that I have an excellent knowledge and understanding of English grammar.  I enjoy looking for new materials to confirm and explain Grammar points, I consider this to be an ongoing aspect of my continuous professional development. I aim to give my translation and proofreading clients the very best quality target text and my English learners my understanding and full support; to this end I am also very happy to share any hints and tips on English language materials that I find useful. 


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