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References are based on British Standard BS ISO 690:2010


Learning English

  • MURPHY, Richard. Cambridge English Grammar in Use. 4th ed. Cambridge University Press, 2016
    • These self-study reference and practice books for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced learners are considered by many as the gold standard for learning English grammar. Each Unit has just 2 pages: the left-hand page explains a grammar point and a set of exercises is provided on the right-hand page.  The study guide, at the back of each book, allows learners and teachers to review existing knowledge and plan which unit to study next.   Available in English only, Spanish,German and French.  Access to eBook version is also available.
  • O'NEILL Mike. English in Action with Michael Robinson. Brutal Media, 2017
    • Specifically aimed at Spanish speaking learners of English, this 24 book and DVD course provides fun and clear explanations of English grammar and vocabulary. There are useful pronunciation tips intended to help Spanish speakers with English language sounds that don't exist in Spanish.
  • HARDING Rachel. English for Everyone. Dorling Kindersley, 2016
    • A self-study programme with 4 different levels: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate and Advanced. This course takes the learner from CEFR level A1 to C1, it includes 4 course books and 4 practice books with free online audio. There are also 2 books focussing on Business English and a supplementary Grammar guide.


Style guides and Dictionaries

  • Chicago Manual of Style CUP 2017
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary 2016
  • New Hart's Rules: The Oxford Style Manual, OUP 2014
  • New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, OUP 2014
  • New Oxford Spelling Dictionary 




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