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Hi I'm Diahnn, I'm based in Madrid and have been here since the summer of 2016. I set up The Online English Bureau in 2015 to provide French and Spanish to English translation, editing and proofreading, and English language teaching.  


Following a BA Hons in Languages, Business and IT, I started a career in Export. As I moved into management, I continued my studies and acquired a BTEC Certificate in Management studies. In 2002, focusing my career on the language services industry, I graduated with an MA in Applied Translation and soon started working as a translation terminologist in Xerox gaining significant in-house localisation experience.


12 years later I decided it was time to go freelance. The very next day, wanting to add 1-to-1 teaching to my services, I began training for the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and still love investigating and explaining English grammar.


I have a strong knowledge of business and IT terminology and can quickly find and consistently use the right term. I have also used my personal interests in: animal welfare, marine life, scuba diving, sustainable development and food, to produce translations that are culturally sensitive. I follow a variety of conservation organisations including Project Aware, WWF and IUCN. 


As a lifelong learner, I aim for the highest standards and follow an annual CPD plan. I am a Member of Chartered Institute of Linguists and a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.


Why 'The Online English Bureau'?


  • English: I am a native English speaker and work only into my mother tongue
  • Online: I share my enthusiasm for English via:
    • Website: take a peak at FAQs – for tips on grammar, punctuation, and recommended reading 
    • Social Media: share interesting posts and comment on my facebook & twitter pages
    • Skype: 1-to-1 English lessons or face-to-face conversations with translation clients
  • Bureau: an office or writing desk - but these days I, and my laptop, can work anywhere!



Why 'English'?


English is the major world language: it is the main language of business and science and film.


Not only does a large percentage of the world speak English as a native language, but it is also used on a daily basis by many people as a second language.


In total there are around 2 billion speakers of English; English is the modern-day lingua franca.


Translate foreign text into English to reach almost a third of the world - check for accuracy via editing and/or proofreading and you can be comfortable that your real message gets through.


Translating not only involves a knowledge of language but also of cultural sensitivity, and an understanding of style and terminology. Get this right and your website, technical manual or press release can bridge the communication gap - remember there are 2 billion speakers of English worldwide.


Editing and Proofreading is extremely important in order to ensure consistency and that the text is easy to read; without errors it becomes a pleasant and informative experience that should accurately reflect your message.


Learning English as a Second Language:  I teach English so you can speak to the rest of the world.



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